Payment Options

Dental Payment Options Townsville

At All About Teeth, we accept the following options for payment of treatments: Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard.

Unfortunately, we don’t use or offer Afterpay or credit services (Including finance) to pay for treatments. However, we do have an alternative option to help make your dental treatments affordable.

Why don’t we use Afterpay or offer credit services?

The use of Afterpay or finance can be an excellent way to spread out the payments of dental treatments. One issue with using Afterpay or any other credit services is that there are hidden fees attached. This can result in the increase of treatment fees or high interest rates on any finance used by a patient to pay the costs of treatments.

The team at All About Teeth understands how expensive dental treatments can be, especially with a large family and how it can put stress on the annual budget.  As an alternative to Afterpay or credit services, we do offer treatments plans which can be used to organise treatment to occur over a period to allow the patient to pay for the treatment thus spreading cost out anyway.

Why aren’t we a preferred provider for any health funds?

To become a preferred provider for any health funds, the dentist must accept the fees that the health fund sets. Not all the fees are the same, hence why some dentists only service a select number of health funds and not others.  These health fund fees are on average lower than the average dentist fees, with the idea being that more patients will go to a practice as it is now more affordable.

Unfortunately, at our practice, we do believe that dentistry is healthcare and shouldn’t be compromised. We take the ground up approach. We work out the amount of time we would like to spend on the procedure, on educating our patients, the materials we would like to use and then calculate the costs from there.

With the way we conduct our practice, to be able to do dentistry at the health fund fees would involve far too may compromises in the work and services we provide to our patients.

We believe that dentistry should be preventive based, and we acknowledge the importance of education for keeping a smile for life.

For more information about our payment options, please contact us prior to your appointment as we will be delighted to assist you with any questions that you may have.