Virtually Pain Free Dentistry

Anxious Patients Townsville

We know that dental treatments can often be scary and cause anxiety, that’s why we offer virtually pain free dentistry

At All About Teeth in Townsville and Ayr we understand that undergoing dental treatments can often cause some patients high levels of dental anxiety and fear. This can often cause patients to skip their dental appointments and increase their risk of oral diseases like tooth decay.

We aim to make each dental treatment calm, comfortable and anxiety free with our pain management options.


Diazepam is a prescribed medication in the benzodiazepine pharmaceutical family. This medication works by altering the chemicals in your brain that cause you to feel anxiety.

When a patient is feeling jumpy, on edge or anxious and the neurons in their brain are over-firing, diazepam comes in and gives these excited receptors a hug. This will then calm these receptors down and give you a feeling of relaxation.

Topical Anaesthetic

For many procedures in our All About Teeth practices we use a topical numbing gel. This topical anaesthetic is sufficient for a wide range of treatments to make the experience much easier.

Topical anaesthetic compounds will often have much higher strengths than injectable local anesthetics so they can be effective when applied to mucosal barriers in the mouth.

Penthrox Sedation

Penthrox sedation is available on request.

Virtually pain free dentistry at All About Teeth Townsville

Our pain management systems will help you stay relaxed for the entire dental procedure. Call the team today to undergo any of our dental treatments virtually pain free.