Dental Fillings

Dental Filling Townsville

Dental fillings are used to repair minimal tooth fractures, tooth decay or damaged surfaces of the teeth

Dental Fillings have been used for centuries to replace and repair the internal structure of a tooth that has been lost due to decay or injury. Due to their effectiveness, dental fillings are one of the most commonly performed restorative dental treatments worldwide.

How is a dental filling done?

To place a dental filling will usually take around 30 minutes. The dentists at All About Teeth will apply your dental filling by firstly:

  • Administering local anaesthetic as well as topical anaesthetic to numb the area around the tooth so you wont feel pain. All About Teeth also offer a range of pain management systems for anxious patients.
  • Your dentist will remove any decay or debris from the tooth and clean and sterilise the tooth with an acid gel ready for the filling.
  • Your dentist will then layer on the resin and use a bright light to harden it
  • Once you have received your new filling, the entire tooth will be polished and you can go straight back to normal activities

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth coloured filings are also known as composite fillings and are a mixture of hard plastics and resin. This relatively new type of filling is usually placed on your front teeth where biting and chewing pressure is light to moderate. This means the dentists at All About Teeth will usually apply a smaller filling than that of an amalgam.

Tooth coloured fillings are bonded in place using strong dental adhesives. This means we can conserve as much of your natural tooth as possible during preparation.

How much is a tooth coloured filling?

The cost of a tooth coloured filling is moderate and will be dependant on the size and type of the filling. Generally, placing a tooth coloured filling will require a longer appointment than an amalgam filling.

Each patient will require a tailored treatment and the best way to determine a cost for you is to come in and get an assessment with out skilled dentists today.

Dental fillings from All About Teeth in Townsville

The best way to know if you’re a candidate for tooth coloured fillings is to visit us in our Townsville or Ayr practices to receive a comprehensive assessment and a tailored treatment plan.

Yes, in some cases a dental filling may become loose and fall out. Decay is one of the main reasons a dental filling can fall out. The decay can eat away at the tooth underneath the filling resulting in the tooth no longer being able to tightly hold the filling in place.

If you find that your filling has fallen out, don’t panic. The first thing you should do is gently remove it so you don’t swallow it or breathe it in. Then, call the team at All About Teeth to book in an appointment.

Before your appointment, ensure you practice impeccable oral hygiene around the tooth where the filling was. Having an unfilled tooth can trap food, which can cause harmful bacteria to accumulate and cause further decay.

As dental fillings have become a quick fix in recent times, the cost of a filling has become quite affordable. Some of the factors the All About Teeth team will consider when pricing a filling will include:

  • What material they use – tooth coloured fillings will tend to be more difficult and time consuming to place in comparison to amalgam fillings.
  • The size of your filling – The cost of a filling will depend on how big the tooth surface will be to fill.
  • Whether it’s a front or a back tooth – this can make a slight difference to the cost of your filling because back teeth are slightly more difficult to access, compared to the front teeth.
  • Will the filling involve an incisal edge – these are the corners of your front teeth or the cusp, the part of the chewing surface of your back teeth.

For a detailed cost estimate, it’s best to talk to the team at All About Teeth and book in a consultation.

Generally speaking, you won’t experience pain when you’re having a dental filling placed. Sometimes you may feel some slight pressure when your tooth is being cleaned out and the filling material is being placed.

At All About Teeth, we have several pain management options to make you as comfortable as possible while in our dentist’s chair. Also, If you are nervous about having an injection, we can numb the area prior for increased comfort.

To learn more about how we perform our dental filling procedure, contact the team today.

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